Why Should You Join The NVMA?

You'll sleep better at night...

  • Because you'll feel so good that you are now contributing to the cause of advocacy from which you derive direct benefit, rather than leaving it up to your fellow physicians
  • ​Because your contribution will empower the cause of advocacy, making your own professional life incrementally better.

You'll be able to take more time off...

  • Because we'll help you save money running your practice with programs such as our merchant services credit card processing program.
  • Because you'll receive free access to many of the complicated questions of managing a medical practice.

You'll be able to retire sooner...

  • Because through medical society-based messenger model organizations such as Bay Area Preferred Physicians, you'll receive better third party contract terms.

Ready to Apply?

Download the appropriate application below (right-click to download the Microsoft Word Document)

North Valley Medical Association Application

Siskiyou County Medical Association Application

Tehama County Medical Association Application