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Join NVMA and CMA Now!

Vast CMA Resources

Change is inevitable – and CMA remains ready to meet the demands of the future to support the invaluable benefits that physicians and medical groups provide for California’s communities.

Education Resources

Attend in-person seminars, secure CME or watch on-demand webinars.

Annual Directory

The North Valley Medical Association publishes an annual Membership Directory that is a standard reference book that is widely used by local medical offices, and health care consumers.

Cost Saving Benefits

When you join NVMA and CMA, you hire a powerful professional staff to protect the viability of your practice and gather a host of benefits to save you and your practice time and money.

Reimbursement Advocacy

Through Reimbursement Advocacy, association members gain leverage in collecting payments from managed care plans (and other payers) slow in honoring claims

Federal, State and Local Advocacy

Government policies affect virtually every aspect of the practice of medicine, making political advocacy one of the most important activities our medical associations engage in on behalf of physicians and patients.

Physician Finder

North Valley Medical Association physician finder
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This online referral form is a service of the North Valley Medical Association and is designed to help you find the physician who meets your particular needs. Begin by selecting the specialty field you are looking for.